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Developer's Diary, Entry 2, February 2002

Since December, we have added lots of new gameplay features to the game. We have implemented the "heights" concept for mission map terrain. Now it pays to occupy and hold heights, because the player whose troops control a height has a certain advantage over the opposition. The player controlling the height can eliminate enemy troops below more efficiently, and we expect there will be a never-ending struggle for heights on the map.

Previously, players would have to scroll the entire mission map to move to a certain area; now we have a mini-map which saves you a lot of time and effort. All you have to do is to click on a destination point on the mini-map, and the game screen will center on this spot. The mini-map now shows the entire territory and enemy troops within your soldiers' field of vision, and also the location of your own troops.
Another new interface feature has been included, enabling you to view your mission objectives anytime by pressing the ESC key.
The tanks' AI has been visibly improved to make them fire more effectively. Now tanks do not have to fire different weapons one after the other, but can fire turrets and machine-guns at the same time, choosing the optimum rate of fire.
Ground fortifications such as pillboxes and earth-and-timber bases now have more functionality; they can be used not only by the infantry, but also for guns and howitzers. If you protect your gun with a pillbox or a base, you will be much better off than someone whose guns are standing on open ground. To damage your protected gun, your enemy will have to destroy the pillbox or the base first.
We have also worked hard on the aviation. The game now features new types of aircraft including fighters, troop carriers and reconnaissance aircraft. As for the new models, they are so numerous that we would prefer to tell you about them another time. Planes now fly in a more realistic way, rolling during steep turns.
Changes have been made to ground vehicles as well. Guns now feature special animations that are displayed while they are being assembled and disassembled. All kinds of vehicles in the game now have shadows and look more realistic, having been better integrated into the landscape.
Personnel have also acquired some interesting new features. The engineers have finally mastered fixing vehicles, laying and disabling mines, and digging trenches. Officers also have new abilities; they now have binoculars to observe the battlefield and see far ahead in a narrow sector.

Source: CDV