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General Questions

What kind of a game is Blitzkrieg?
Blitzkrieg is a real-time strategy/war game set during WW2. You fight as a commander for the German troops, the Soviet army, or the Allies in three large-scale military campaigns, one for each of the sides.

What's different in Blitzkrieg compared to other RTS games?
We think of it as an RTW - real-time war game. The goal of the designers was to create a fast-paced, dynamic, and enjoyable RTS, while keeping it realistic and absolutely historically accurate, as long as it doesn't interfere with fun. For example, if a tank is hit by a shell, the collision is completely simulated, and the damage is calculated based on the results. Thus, unlike most RTS games, it is impossible for a bunch of soldiers armed with rifles to destroy a tank. This sort of realism adds more strategy to the gameplay. However, anything that is realistic, but not interesting, such as the evacuation of damaged machinery - which requires enormous efforts in a real battle, by the way - is cut out without remorse. As a result, Blitzkrieg provides loads of pure RTS fun while attaining the level of realism usually seen in war games.

What is so special about Blitzkrieg?
First and foremost, Blitzkrieg allows all players, from RTS freaks to newbies, to play their own game at their own pace and level of difficulty. This is made possible by the flexible campaign structure. Campaigns consist of chapters. Each chapter has a goal, a central mission which is a historically accurate reproduction of a major battle of WW2. It is available immediately, but most players except for maybe die-hard RTS fans will choose to prepare for the main battle of the chapter by completing side missions to gather resources and upgrade their troops. There are always plenty of additional side missions of various types and difficulty levels, and completing each of them gives the player additional advantages in the main battle. There are literally dozens of things that can be done to tip the balance in favor of the player. For example, if the player captures an enemy fuel storage facility in a side mission, he will be able to use more vehicles in the main battle. In addition, winning side missions also impresses the player's commanding officers and leads to promotion, which usually results in better troops and newer weapons being entrusted to the player. Thus it will be much easier to win the main battle after having weakened the enemy in side missions. However, winning the main battle without carrying out side missions is an incredibly tough ordeal specifically designed with the hardcore gamer in mind. The overall result is that the range of difficulty is extended way beyond the usual predefined settings (which are also present), without making any sacrifices in gameplay. The only side effect is that the best players will finish the war with the lowest rank, though decorated with all kinds of medals for bravery. An unintentional, but quite realistic detail ...

Do I need to know about strategy games before playing Blitzkrieg?
Not really, because the game lets you choose the way you play it. But if you do have experience with strategy games, you will be able to better appreciate the elegance of Blitzkrieg's design.

What does Blitzkrieg include?
3 campaigns: Allied, German, Russian
Multiplayer/skirmish maps
Random map generator
Campaign editor
Open architecture allowing the players to create own units

Which languages will Blitzkrieg be available in?
English, Russian, German, and French versions are already planned. Other languages will be added later.

Is there a demo available for Blitzkrieg?
The demo will be released a couple months before the release of the game itself.

What about some interesting info about WW2?
In the course of the game you will have access to all kinds of reference material about WW2 as well as hints on how to play Blitzkrieg.

Are you going to start a beta-testing program?
Yes. Watch for Nival's news for beta test registration announcements.

Which developer team is creating Blitzkrieg?
Blitzkrieg is being created by Nival Interactive, the leading Russian games developer. The company is privately held and targets the international market. Nival's products are being distributed by CDV, Fishtank/Ravensburger, Ubi Soft, Monolith, Interplay, Microids, and others. Since its foundation in 1996, the company has been looking for innovative gameplay. Blending RPG and RTS led to the success of the Rage of Mages series. Evil Islands, released in 2000, was a successful blend of a role playing game and tactical simulation in full 3D. A November 2001 release, Etherlords, which GameSpy called "the best game ever released in the turn-based fantasy genre", employs the principles of trading card games and stunning 3D visuals to take turn-based strategy to a new level. A premier developer with 85 team members, Nival Interactive is fully prepared to challenge the world of interactive entertainment with Blitzkrieg.

Source: CDV