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Technical Questions

What hardware requirements does the game have?
- Platforms and operating systems: PC, MS Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP
- System requirements:
- DirectX 8
- 64 MB of RAM
- Pentium II 366 MHz (Pentium III 600 MHz recommended)
- Riva TNT with 8 MB (GeForce256 with 32 MB recommended)

Which engine is used in Blitzkrieg?
Blitzkrieg is based on a proprietary hybrid 2D/3D technology, developed specifically for this game. This technology allows you to have hundreds of smoothly animated 3D units while maintaining the crystal sharpness of a 2D image - all on relatively low-spec systems.

Can I compete against other players?
Yes, the game has a multiplayer mode. The game can be played via LAN if one of the players launches a server and others join him/her. On the Internet, any player can launch a game or join one that has already started. The action takes place on a map with certain pre-set parameters. Multiplayer modes include 'Capture the Flag', destroying all enemy forces or bases, and gaining a fixed battle score during a limited amount of time. While playing via the Internet, the most successful players will feature in a game rating. Besides, clans will have a special rating.

Will there be a mission editor included?
Blitzkrieg features a mission editor. You will be able create missions for both single and multiplayer games, and to integrate your custom missions into large-scale campaigns. Moreover, the game features fully open data formats: Apart from creating your own missions, you will be able to add models and textures or change the battle characteristics of all units. You can create a unique vehicle type, write your own slogan on a tank, or considerably increase the damage capacity of your favorite howitzer. A special assembling tool will make the process easy.

Source: CDV