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Topic: Nhomis Server with Rom maps

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Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 14-Oct-09, 01:56:21
1. For the record, I built a level 20 Arcane Archer in 6 hours (not level 17).

2. I agree with Simon that the last version was not properly play-balanced. I like the latest version much better (and I've posted such elsewhere on this forum). The only remaining source of frustration for me is that some of the Eternity Cave quest bosses seem to be super-duper powered. For instance, against the vampire time mage. I have +77 modified attack but still cannot hit her except with a natural 20 roll. Given her regenerating ability, you simply cannot hit her often enough to kill her. She can't kill me either, so it's a draw. Or for instance, the damage delivered by the rom spiders (150-200 per hit) is just totally ridiculous and they also have super defence and cannot be hit. I only manage to take them out with a lucky roll of natural 20 AND a successful devastating critical hit AND the spider fails the save vs criticals. Short of all three of those events coinciding (and very soon in the fight) I simply cannot drink potions fast enough to live more than 4-5 seconds (even though I have over 800 health). Ditto goes for the Luimor spiders.

So far, those are my only real beefs. I cannot defeat those quest maps and get the rewards (though not from lack of trying). And since those bosses can outrun you, you cannot escape either. All you can do is run back (if you can make it) to the exit portal. And when you do that, the boss is parked at the entrace to that quest map for evermore.

I may wish there was a slightly better source of gold so I could afford to upgrade gear at the Omega Forge sooner (and more often) but the cost to truly pimp your character TOTALLY out using that forge is roughly 250 million. You can make a pretty tough super character at that forge for 1/10th of that (and 20-25 mil is easy to achieve in a matter of a few days of play). The other 9/10ths is spent tweaking and maxing out your health regen (I still only have total of 12 regen out of a potential 80 or so). But hell, when the boss monsters do 200 damage per hit and you have to take on several of them, how much regen you have and even healing potions become pretty much pointless anyway.

Still, an excellent module and getting even better through playtesting.

Author: Albadaran (simondekker [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 13-Oct-09, 19:28:39
Lord Atton:
Thank you for playtesting, and adding comments. I will try to explain the philosophy of this mod.

First, I find the previous version (up to april 2009) unbalanced. It was VERY easy to level up fast, and making huge amounts of money. It seemed that there was only 1 goal: reaching the Omega Forge and spend lots of money to create Super gear. And on the moment a player found out how to kill Zombie Lords, he had an infinite source of easy to get gold.

That was wrong. The Omega forge was meant to be a very hard to access reward for those who took great risks on a very hard map. Also a unique reward, because players would have to wait for the next access until they had sufficient gold.

I considered removing the Omega Forge and adding a different 1 time reward instead. But forges are fun to access, so I decided to put a lot of effort in rebalancing the whole module, and creating a completely different top level.

The Omega forge like it is now is exactly how it was meant to be: Once in a while you can access it, after beating lots of monsters and gathering lots of gold. It is ONE reward in ONE questmap. You can also choose to play the other questmaps and get different rewards. In fact I would encourage that because…

Well I said I created a completely new top level of the mod. Completing that does not rely on having super gear. Instead players have to gather special items, spread throughout maps everywhere in the game. And once you beat that toplevel your reward will make you laugh about the things you could create with the Omega forge…

So you need to play differently. Forget about the Forge as a way to create a super hero. It is only 1 reward amongst many others, and you need to collect lots of money for it. Doing that I is everyone’s own choice. (but given the patience some of you have with the Nordock upgrade system I would not be surprised If some of you continue to work for tons of gols, hehe!). Be aware that the Forge itself is stripped too… Less upgrades are allowed. But there are workarounds. Trying to find them is part of the fun in the game. A hint: use the ‘tools of trade’. Some upgrades can be sold for a very good price. And upgrading stuff can be done on a lot of places. And if you are able to kill Zombie lords, than you should have no problems in killing a lot of monsters and now and than find some real good random loot.

Have fun!
Author: Lord Atton (cosmclord [at] yahoo [dot] com)
Date: 13-Oct-09, 05:34:08
So far the module is a bit changed from the previous one Simon had. I do see some room for improvements. Frankly I like the way the old module worked better.

This version is still playable and easy to advance your chr. I am not level 27 fighter.

My one concern is will we have a way to make the gold necessary to work the Omega Forge?

For those of you not familiar with the Omega Forge it is a place where you
can add all kinds of additional damage to weapons and properities to armor to make a strong chr. I built two chrs in the previous module one level 40 fighter and one level 36 monk. Both were enjoyable to play.

I never finished some of the quests and many of the advanced quests. Nova says they are still there.

Come and make a chr and test your skills guys. Nova made an arch and leveled to 17 in 6hrs. See if you can beat that.

Lord Atton