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Topic: Nhomis's Server Rom3

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Author: Albadaran (simondekker [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 22-Oct-09, 12:13:32

None of these creatures need to be slain for completing the game. Although I thought you already beated Rodion’s Spider keeper, since she drops the Rodion Shield.

Shiro Tagachi however is a different story (I suppose you mean him on the Plain of Light). You need to pass him to get access to the final challenges and for completing the game. Fortunately Shiro hates and attacks everyone and everyone hates him. So there is a way to get past him, or even to kill him… (his shield is one of the quest items but it also drops from more ‘common creatures’, and he has a 6 million sword).

Playtesting includes finding all parts of the broken runes and the items needed to get access to the final challenge room. You can find all these items on lower maps (not necessarily Horror Quest maps). As you might have noticed the ability to run fast will help you a lot :)

This weekend I will make some changes. Don’t know yet what I will make of the shield upgrade. Please don’t get impatient if you cannot beat a monster. Just leave it and move on to the next. And take notice of hints in the game. If someone gets past Shiro with all necessary items than you still have to know what to do and what not… It is a repeatable challenge. But maybe very annoying if you fail the test without taking some precautions…

If you guys cannot proceed I will come with a list of hints at the end of next week.
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 22-Oct-09, 02:02:28
Ok, in summary there are what I count as 4 places total in Simon's Allods module (latest version) that I cannot survive/beat solo:

1. The Spider Queen on Rodion (so I have no idea what she has for loot)
2. The Vampire Mage of Time on Sands of Time map (therefore do not know what loot she has)
3. The Lumoir Spider on Lumoir map (so no clue what that spider may drop)
4. Cannot get past that Shangri whatever his name is on the Final challenge Plain of Light map (died 4 times trying and could not even run away, lost 1 mil gold each time and total of 64,000 xp)

Other than those four places, I can totally solo the entire module after just a few weeks of character building from scratch. Don't think there's anything left for me to playtest therefore, since it appears those areas are not defeatable solo on purpose (therefore there's nothing "wrong").

My last parting "bug" report would be to tell Simon to check the spelling and grammar in those Port Suslanger library books. There are a lot of typos and grammatical errors in the text of those books.

That's my three cents worth.
Author: Albadaran (simondekker [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 21-Oct-09, 22:24:01
Lord Atton:

That is why we need testing. I can beat all monsters with Nova's previous builds from the earliers tests in Spring. The monsters did not get harder. Beating them was too easy, so I rebalanced the mod and created a different loot system. Again, the Omega forge is NOT meant to easily upgrade your items. I would -and still consider- remove it completely from this mod if players concentrate their gameplay solely on this option!

Instead you will gain your 'super' items by slaying monsters. Just like in Diablo there is a small chance of dropping good stuff. On Horrormaps like the Suslanger maps. Dit you kill 1000 monsters there? Because than you would have a point if nothing good dropped.

Another thing is that you talk about Horror Questmaps. No way anyone will ever be able to easily kill those monsters! It was wrong -cheating in fact- on Rom2 that players found ways to do this. The game objective always was to form parties and beat those maps with 4-6 players. Too bad we don't have so many players online for testing, but this is what those maps are made for.

But it's still testing and I consider every feedback. If its really impossible to get some loot from Horrorquestmaps, even when teaming up with 2 others, than I have to figure out a different concept. Hopefully not, because that would mean a severe delay in the project. And another, completely new testperiod.

Anyway, my advice is to do The farm the Butchers Dungeon first, next The Octagon, and than start doing other Horror questmaps. Rodion is the most difficult, if not impossible for soloing. Like it always should have been...
Author: Lord Atton (cosmclord [at] yahoo [dot] com)
Date: 21-Oct-09, 10:21:04
Well I hate to say this, but Simon has severly curtialed the Omega Forge in his server. Items were to have a full 10 lines are now done to 6. That is a pretty radical reduction.

Not only that but there are areas that even with the best armor and protections the forge gives you can't defeat the mobs. I watched Nova's chr die 4 times tonight.

Not sure anyone really cares as Only Simon, Nova and myself were playing the module.

For me the game was all about beating the quest mobs. That seems out of the question now.

I am indeed sorrow to see this. What was a good module in the beginning as now turned to a less one. I don't know what Simon intends to do with his module. Whether he will publish it or not. It seems fruitless to persue building a chr and then be defeated. What is the purpose of that?

I believe we play for fun and entertainment. Dying all the time and facing impossible odds are not fun.

Just my opinion.

Lord Atton