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Topic: Greenworld Nordock and Rhun

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Author: Albadaran (simondekker [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 21-Oct-09, 22:03:52
Those are no Rom3 projects, so this should be posted in the other forum.

As Lord Atton says in another post, we need more players to test the modules of the rom3 projects. Not only my mod but also Jult's mod once he restarts it. Given that, setting up a server with 2 other mods is not a good idea: who will play there and who will test the rom3 project mods? It's already hard to get players to our servers...
Author: Lord Atton (cosmclord [at] yahoo [dot] com)
Date: 21-Oct-09, 10:49:43
I will be running Rhun and Nordock modules in about a week to a few days.

I am working on finishing the "GreenWorld" novel and beginning on a new "GreenWorld" game. When completed it will be a MMORPG on the order of Lord of the rings, Worlds of Warcraft, Dargon Age, and many others. I am pouchasing the game software to create this game. I may put up test modules from time to time if you care to play them. I intent to publish this program. Yes ambicious project with the help of my brother and a few others.

I will keep you all updated on the progress here. In the mean time enjoy Rhun and a modicied Nordock 1.70B version.

Lord Atton