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Mission Hints

Never leave a level without discovering all the map. You may have finished a mission but You're able to continue exploring. Every item found on a map may be more powerful than these already processed by You. At least every item can be sold. You will never have enough money but for the two or three last missions. Second fact: Every killed enemy is a little training. There are no training facilities as in part one... And remember: once a mission is accomplished, you'll never be able to come back to that specific map later on. I've played the levels as they are arranged here. If You do otherwise You may miss a few of them or discover a level is still to hard. Every time in a mission You can choose "load game" and load the savegame "abort mission". Between the missions You can visit the town (Kaarg or the druids village). Never leave there without visiting the shop and the bar. Not to buy something (You don't have to, You know) but to see if there is any new mission. I think one should spend his money on spells first and armor second. You will find some good armors and weapons but only few books.


If You cannot defeat an enemy leave Your mages bare handed. Now they will heal Your fighters while they do the fighting... Use poison cloud for far attacks because the enemies are poisoned and loosing hit points even without standing in the cloud. Teleport Your mage near to an enemy, poison it, teleport away... redo if necessary. Bats and ghost can be defeated on long distance by using fire balls. The "turn to stone spell" isn't that useful as in part one. I didn't even use it once... Instead the blizzard spell is wonderful!!! Use creatures (I prefer trolls) as punching balls. Train Your fighters sword, axe and so on skills on this creature while Your mages just heal the fighters... Same procedure as last point - but train Your mages abilities. Don't really kill the creature but let it heal so You can train longer. Maybe give Your fighter a bad weapon so he won't hurt the "punching ball" to much... Don't forget to heal Your fighter while he holds the creature! Also: set the autocast option to “max.” as often as possible. This way, your mage(s) will cast all available protection spells, thus gaining EXP and raising their skill levels Move step by step!!! Give Your characters time to recover from the last fight!!! Move step by step!!!

Spell Table

Snakes - poison cloud (water)
Squirrels - poison cloud (water)
Bees - fire ball (fire) or fire arrow (fire)
Bats - fire ball (fire)
Ghosts - fire ball (fire) or fire arrow (fire)
Turtles - drain life (astral)
Goblins - poison cloud (water)
Rocs - poison cloud (water) and lightning (air)
Ogres - poison cloud (water)
Trolls - fire wall (fire)
Dragons - blizzard (water) or turn to stone (earth) and use arrows
Humans - mostly poison cloud will do perfectly but some have high resistances...
Zombies - fire wall (fire)
Skeletons - fire wall (fire)
Wolfs - poison cloud (water)
Spiders - fire ball (fire) or fire arrow (fire)
Succubus - fire ball (fire)
Dinos - fire ball (fire) or fire arrow (fire)
High Level Creatures - Use the blizzard spell a few times and teleport away. The time You meet really high level creatures You've enough mana to do so! Select blizzard for Your auto cast spell and teleport around Your enemies. Works fine especially against groups of mages!

Mission Walktrough

Mission 1: Skrakan´s Tower
Very simple, just kill any Enemy for training. Don't attack the troll surrounded by bats in the north. If You walk behind him You've to kill a level 1 troll to get out again.

Mission 2: The Road To Kaarg
Go to the north and fight Your way trough the ruined village. Talk to the robber guarding the bridge. Walk to the north until the robbers attack You and lure them back to the guards in the east of Your position. So You get some items to sell in Kaarg.

Mission 3: Lyrisha Village
Follow the road to the south and meet the chief of the village there. Talk to him and go back to the north. Follow the east road and meet the chief of the other village. Straight to the east a very heavy fight waits for You. Go to the south and kill the necromancer with his guards. There is a cemetery with some zombies - take care of them. Walk back to the south village and the three peasants will follow You. After they've reached the village some warriors and a necromancer will attack. Just protect the eldest and his son.

Mission 4: The Astrologer
Follow the Road, talk to the village's chief. Walk as he said (follow the road sign). Kill the bandit at the bridge. Kill the Necromancer at the tower. Walk to the south and free Dina. Walk back and follow the road to the north. Go inside the village and You get the papers You need. Go back to Dina.

Mission 5: The Brigands Camp
Walk straight east and kill the bandits. Collect the treasure, it's a bag in the center of their camp. Go back to Your starting place.

Mission 6: Adamantium Mines
Follow the road to the north. Talk to the blacksmith and walk on. Talk to his apprentice. Go to the east and kill all necromancers. Walk back to the village with the freed peasants. Go to the blacksmith and talk to him for a new mission.

Mission 7: After the Sword
Follow the Road! As far as possible do not engage the enemies. At the second turn of the road there is a fighter. After You've killed him victory is Yours.

Mission 8: The Besieged Tower
At first: Kill the mage who brought You here. He's a traitor! Afterwards You can cross the bridge and kill the dragon. You find him in the north west of the map.

Mission 9: Killer Dragon
In the middle of the map there is a lake with an island. On this island You meet a witch who talks only to Your mages. After talking to her go to the south west till You find the spring. After filling the bottle go to the south east and talk to the sorceress. With the enchanted water walk back to the lake and talk to the witch. Go to the north east and approach the dragon. Do as the witch told You and the dragon will morph to an easier one and flee You... Kill him!

Mission 10: Dirty Work
Approach the necromancers from the east. Be careful, when You first encounter Your enemies some will attack You from behind. Kill all of them!

Mission 11: Rebel Battalion
Stay alert for some necromancers to pass by You - kill them or Your mission may fail... Move north along the road and kill any of the undead and necromancer You encounter. Be alert for a dragon guarding the way. After You've killed all the enemies go to the north west and talk to the fighters.

Mission 12: The Traveler
Follow the road. When You hear a cry for help go to the south east and help the druid to escape from the ogre. Follow the road to the destroyed bridge. Take the druid to the other ones in the south west. After talking to them go to the middle of the map. There is a cemetery with some undead and a necromancer. Take care of them. Follow the road to the south east area and kill all enemies. Go back to the druids and they will open the teleport.

Mission 13: The Ancient Forrest
Follow the road to the south. After You pass the village it turns to the west and at least to the north. Help the druids fighting off some zombies. Talk to the druids. Kill the necromancer north east of You position and talk to the druids again. Don't finish the mission but go to the north west instead. You've to fight four ogres. After killing them heal the druid laying to the earth. You got a new mission.

Mission 14: The Hermit
Straight south from the village You find a druid who gives You a task. Kill all the bees! In the north You encounter some bats. Kill them too. Now go back to the druid and get the secret sign. Now You may cross the bridge. Go straight west and meet another druid. He will allow You to go on after You've killed the bats in the north. You find the hermit's corpse on an Island in the middle of the river.

Mission 15: Village under Attack
Instead of following the knights go to the north. Just outside the village You will encounter the orcs. Afterwards go back to the village's chief.

Mission 16: The Outlaws Camp
Go to the south east and talk to the druids. Kill the harpy and go back to get a reward. In the center of the map You find some druids willing to help You in Your quest. The outlaws are in the north west.

Mission 17: The Elf
Fight Your way straight to the north. After talking to the druids there most of the beasts will become friendly. You find the Elf in the south, at the west side of the lake. Talk to him. Defeat the necromancers in the north west area. Talk to the elf again.

Mission 18: Ill-Tempered Squirrels
Go to the south and talk to the mother-squirrel. In the west You reach a river with four bridges. Each bridge is guarded by two ogres. Kill them all but be careful to protect the squirrels.

Mission 19: Talena´s Request
North of Your position is a village where You find Talena. After You talk to her some orcs and an ogre attack. Kill them and talk to Talena again. You find her amulet in the south east desert. It's guarded by some ogres. Take it and go to Talena´s tower in the north.

Mission 20: Dangerous Forest
Find the druid who knows about the "magic source" Information was send to me by Web Hunter.

Mission 21: The Swamp Mage
Find the location of the swamp mage Information was send to me by Web Hunter.

Mission 20: A Mage's Spirit
South of Your position there is a necromancer willing to help You. Take him with You and walk around the mountains. If You're spotted by the cemetery's guards You've failed the mission. Therefore the necromancer has to go there alone and invisible. After You found the right grave You've to go back to the south west and collect a secondary necromancer. Both have to go to the grave. Now it becomes a little tricky. Place both necromancers in the east of the grave. Make them invisible both. Let them walk toward the grave until they talk to each other. Now run from the grave but be careful not to let it come out of visible range. If You did it right the appearing enemies won't spot You. Now place both necromancers next to the grave and let them talk to the spirit. After that go back to Your heroes.

Mission 21: The Dark Library
Follow the road to the first cemetery in the south. Talk to the library keeper. Follow the road to the second cemetery. Talk to the necromancer. Go east to the library keeper's house. Go back to the keeper and talk to him.

Mission 22: The Desert Star
Go to the north east. There is an orc fighting some other orcs. Help him.

Mission 23: The Scarab Wastes
The orc shaman You're looking for is in the exact center of the map. You've to fight Your way towards him...

Mission 24: The Disappearing Caravans
Leave the road to the east. On this side of the road You find three orc shamans wearing the runes of fire, air and earth. Dina has to bring these runes to the magic panel You find too. The rune of water You find on the west side of the road. The panel for this rune is on the west side too.

Mission 25: A Rebel Stronghold
The Approach from the west is much easier. Clear the second village from all enemies. Move on and secure the crossroad. Sometimes the warriors from the east may attack You here. In the south there are some mages. Kill them. Now move east and kill all enemies. If You want to get some experience go afterwards to the south east and kill the necromancer there. Be careful for he is aided by a green dragon.

Mission 26: The Ancient Crypt
The two druids and their quests are just fake! Kill the necromancers at the north east cemetery to win this level.

Mission 26: The Battle Mages
Just clear the area of all necromancers. Be careful for the fireball trap in the middle of the map.

Mission 27: The Magic Source of Air
First You're given a book of invisibility. You will need this spell! Fight the bats and activate both switches. Cast invisibility on all Your chars and step on the magic pad one by one. You're teleported to an island. Be careful the island's inhabitants don't see You. Go to the west teleport pad. On the next island don't attack the creatures but cast invisibility on them. Now the next pad is activated. Be careful for a gray dragon awaits You at the other side. Fight him to talk to the source of magic. Step on the teleport pad again to leave this level. Be careful for another gray dragon.

Mission 28: A Kings Request
After talking to the necromancer follow the street. Talk to the druid and cross the bridge. Go to the north east and talk to the druids after the second bridge. Help them to kill the invading necromancers. After that go back to the starting position to finish off the rest of the enemies.

Mission 29: The Orcologist
Go to the east to find the orcologist. He's attacked by some turtles which You've to defeat. The orc shaman he tells You about is in another circle of mountains in the north. Take the cactus juice from the orc shaman and bring it to the orcologist.

Mission 30: Forest Madness
Move east till You meet the druid. Follow the river bank to the north and kill the necromancers You find there. Beware of a few gray dragons! Heal the druid at the spring.

Mission 31: The Desert Oracle
The first You find is the desert witch. She tells You where the orc shaman lives who can talk to the oracle. He tells You to bring a special stone and an ogre's head if You want him to help You. Both things You find in the west quarter of the map. Make sure to clear the south and east quarter of all enemies before talking to the shaman again!

Mission 32: Mysterious Amulet
First of all You've to protect the village's leader from the attacking zombies. After that You go to the north and talk with the hermit. You find the dragon straight east of his position in a little valley. He tells a totally different story than the hermit. It's Your choice which to kill. By the way, the hermit is a liar but on the other side he will join You after You've killed the dragon. If You've killed the hermit take the amulet to the ghost in the north east. Otherwise kill this ghost.

Mission 33: The King's Hunt
You've to circle the mountains to get to the king's hunting cabin. Therefore You may choose to go to the north or south. If You go to the south east it'll be a little easier. Doesn't mean that way will be easy! Use the landscape wisely! Prepare Yourself for a fight when You meet the king. Best way is to put Your chars in position before walking Igles to the King.

Mission 34: The Last Battle
The moment You reach the place a fight starts between the knights and the druids who came here to help each other. Don't interfere, just try to heal as many as possible from ONLY one side. When one side is destroyed completely the survivors will join You.

(Source: Daniel Bettac)

Multiplayer Maps Walktrough

Troll Valley:

Mages & Wariors:
This trick is easy to do. Right of the city where you start there are four bone snakes. And right below them there's a canyon with a purple troll (lvl 3) guarding it. Now put your weapon in your inventory and prepare to lure him. When ready lure him to the city. Remember that luring a monster can be hard because as soon as you make the distance between you and the moster too big, it'll go back and you can start over. As soon as the troll gets on the bridge the city guards will attack it. It's important to make sure you can hit the troll as well as the city guards. The mages won't have this problem because they can use their staff, but warriors have to use their bow, or make sure the 2nd warrior city guard doesn't get to the troll (considering the troll is allready hitting one of the city guards) before you do.

Mages only:
There's a shop that you'll have to reach to get this trick done. It's north-east of the town you start in. To reach it just go east over the bridge and go to the bone snakes. A little more east and you can go up. When you go up enough you'll see a ogre stick. (a stick marking ogre territory) There'll be 2 level 1 and 2 level 2 ogre's up ahead. You can do either 2 things. 1 = kill the trolls, 2 = run or teleport to the shop. Best is to kill the ogre's, because they may follow you to the shop. This is the first part.
Second part is to go to the broken pillar a couple of squares under the shop. From here you should be able to see a spot on the moutain that can be used to teleport to. It's a little hard to teleport to, and may take some practice. But when you've finally reached the place the reward is big. From here you'll be able to kill 2 lvl 3 trolls without any risk.

Kids Paradise:

Mages & Warriors:
This strategy is easy. Take your char left of the town. From there follow the road down. Once you arrive in the southwest corner of the map you'll encounter a ogre. Just make him follow you up the road again. You'll soon notice that he cant get past the 'entrance' formed by the trees. So if you go stand on the other side, it cant hurt you and you can fire at it.

(Source: The Dragon Clan)

Hints and game playing

This is where things get tricky. Rom is easy to play and tuff to advance. Until you learn how to advance your chr forward without getting killed is hard. I died alot with my mage and fighters too. I did not know many of the hints I will pass on to you New Players. First you need money. You get money by killing off the monsters and picking up there stuff (bags) and selling it. You then buy armor or mage clothes with absorb in it. Try to increase your absorb to 10 or 15. On easy maps this helps a lot n you won't get killed so often. Mages are weaker than Fighters so they get killed off more easily as their robs don't provide the defense and absorb that steel plate does. Buy the best armor and clothing you can afford. Don't for get the health potions or "pots" as they are called. Health pots when consumed will rasie your health even as your being attacked. When they are gone run! Speed of flight has saved many a chr. Keep in mind the old saying: "He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day!" I am not saying be a coward. When you start out feel your way. Don't run in where you don't know how strong the enemy is. I should take my own advice. I died in Rom2 the other day exploring a new map. Most of the map was easy and then "wham" I was surround with enemy. I could drink my health pots fast enough to stay alive. I was 15K Health too! So even the best of us can die. I did have a back up so it was not a Huge loss. I tell you this because even a "pro" like me can get killed. If an enemy is too much run! Work on monsters you can kill. Buy more health pots and constantly up grade your clothes and armor. Body + armor is great especially after its +3 or +4. Look for it. Mages can use up to +5 body clothing. Fighters are mostly +4 on the plate. Bodymail shirts are +3 tops in Rom1 and +5 in Rom2.

(Source Greenworld)


Tip: Examine the equipment of hired mercenaries carefully. If they have something good, send them into danger alone and steal the equipment when they die.
Tip: Always clear out an entire level before declaring a mission complete; you'll need both the gold and the experience later.
Tip: During easy battles, switch your characters to secondary weapons, such as maces and pikes, to build up their skills in those areas.


Press Enter at any game map and type #Coward or ##Coward, then type one of the following cheat codes as written. The result of the cheat is evident in the code.

#create x gold (where x is any number)
#modify self+god
#modify army+god
#kill all
#pickup all
#event x (where x is any number)
#modify self+spell
#modify self+spells
#modify army+spell
#modify army+spells
#show map
#hide map
#create x (where x is an item from the list below)

Item list (to be used with #create):

Very Rare Crystal Two Handed Sword
Very Rare Crystal Long Sword
Very Rare Crystal Two Handed Axe
Very Rare Crystal Axe
Very Rare Crystal Mace
Very Rare Crystal War Hammer
Very Rare Crystal Pike
Very Rare Crystal Morning Star
Very Rare Crystal Cuirass
Very Rare Crystal Plate Bracers
Very Rare Crystal Amulet
Very Rare Crystal Ring
Very Rare Crystal Plate Helm
Very Rare Crystal Plate Boots
Very Rare Crystal Scale Gauntlets
Very Rare Dragon Leather Large Shield
Very Rare Dragon Leather Small Shield
Very Rare Dragon Leather Boots
Very Rare Dragon Leather Helm
Very Rare Dragon Leather Bracers
Very Rare Dragon Leather Gauntlets
Very Rare Dragon Leather Mail

Mage items:

None Gloves
None Robe
None Cloak
None Shoes
None Dress
None Cap
None Cape
None Hat

Hint: Unlimited gold:

Win a mission, when the "Victory!/Continue" window appears, choose "Continue".
Pick up all bags and save the game.
After that, double click on your gold.
A window will appear asking you how many gold you wanna drop.
Enter a negative amount, for example -1000000000, and you will recieve that amount of gold.