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Multiplayer Maps

 Map name:Created by:Size:Level:
3sides.gif 3 Sides Ilia Adamov 128x128 hard
  A Bridge Too Far GReDeViL, & Jayseaz 128x128 horror
  Abraham Simon Dekker 64x64 easy
  Ahkram Simon Dekker 64x64 easy
  Alderon's Tomb David M. Dockens 128x128 horror
  AlitributeII Simon Dekker 128x128 easy
  Allods land Darkage 128x128 medium
  Arachnophobia Ronnie|Slayer 64x64 easy
  Arachnophobia Ronnie|Slayer 128x128 horror
  Arena-1 Nival Entertainment 32x32 easy
  Astral Plane Daniel Sjodin 64x64 horror
  Astral quest Alexander Vinnikov 64x64 horror
  Backyard of Fair Winds Lady Nilson 128x128 horror
  Battlefield2 Goliath 64x64 horror
  Battling Castles Darkage inc. 128x128 easy
  Beach Of Glory Pathfinder Inc. 128x128 easy
alibeast.gif Beast Masters Kasyena Bardow 128x64 horror
  Beginnings BlackWolf 64x64 easy
  BluteSpur-Forgotten Realm SilverRope 128x128 easy
  BluteSpur-I SilverRope 128x128 easy
  Castle of Horror Madcaster 240x240 horror
  Chaos Temple Goliath 128x128 horror
  Child's Play Insane 64x64 horror
  City of the Damned DeedWar Webpage's 128x128 medium
  Conquest of Africa Fair Winds Lady Nilson 128x128 horror
  Crystal Quest Daniel Sjodin 64x64 horror
  Cursed Soil DeedWar Webpage's 64x64 medium
  Da Maze Insane 64x64 medium
  Dangerous road Alexander Vinnikov 128x128 easy
  Dark Side Darkage Inc. 64x64 easy
  DarkLand V1.2 Anton Rus 128x240 horror
  Dragon Hunt Coon 32x32 hard
  DragonSand Dmitry Nozhnin 240x240 hard
  End Of Urza - Sin Armor Da Mangler 128x128 horror
  FallenEmpire Ten-Chi 64x64 horror
  Final War - Urd's Return Ronnie|Slayer 128x128 horror
  Forbidden Lands Dmitry Nozhnin 240x240 horror
  Formication Quest A. Adamov 64x64 hard
  Fury Lands Alexander Vinnikov 128x128 easy
  Fury Lands Reconstructed Dominus 128x128 easy
  Genocide Gear *CLAN* Genocide 64x64 easy
  GreenWorldR2-Dakar CosmcLord 64x64 hard
  Havec Quest Andrey Makhovikov 64x64 horror
  Heaven A. Adamov 240x240 horror
  Hell on Urza Da Mangler 64x64 hard
  Hobo Habitat Dimitri Whatshisface 64x64 horror
  Holy Land Goliath 192x192 hard
  HorrorCastle Madcaster 240x240 horror
  Hunt'n Shop! Simon Dekker 64x64 horror
  Hydras Revenge Madcaster 192x192 horror
  In-and-out A. Adamov 128x128 medium
  Interception quest A. Adamov 64x64 medium
  Intersection quest A. Adamov 64x64 medium
  Iron Quest Alexander Vinnikov 64x64 medium
  Isle of the Spider l Pathfinder Inc. 64x64 hard
  Isles of Destiny slo*Dragons Funwerks 64x64 medium
  Judas A.Adamov 128x128 medium
  Justice Shrine Goliath 128x128 horror
  Kids Hell Nival Entertainment 64x64 easy
  Kids Paradise III Nival Entertainment 64x64 easy
  Kids Paradise III Pathfinder Inc. 64x64 hard
  Life Alexander Vinnikov 64x64 horror
  Life is Life Alexander Vinnikov 64x64 medium
  Light Side darkage 64x64 easy
  Macro Map Soul of Misery 64x64 medium
  Macro Map Soul of Misery 64x64 hard
  Macro Map Soul of Misery 64x64 horror
  Mage Oasis slo*Dragons Funwerks 32x32 hard
  Magicianess DeedWar's Webpages 128x128 medium
  Middle A.Adamov 128x128 hard
  Midnight Simon Dekker 192x192 hard
  Midnight meeting Simon Dekker 192x192 hard
  Misthaven Daniel Sjodin 128x128 easy
  Misthaven v 1.3 Daniel Sjodin 128x128 easy
  Monsters! Dmitry Nozhnin 240x240 medium
  Moonlight Simon Dekker 192x192 horror
  Muddle A.Adamov 64x64 easy
  New Midnight - corrected version Simon Dekker 192x192 horror
  New Midnight - hatversion Simon Dekker 192x192 horror
  New Pits Boromir 128x128 hard
  New Urza - Mangler Edition Da Mangler 64x64 medium
  Newbie Quest Daniel Sjodin 64x64 medium
  Nival A.Adamov 128x128 easy
  Orakul DeedWar's Webpages 64x64 hard
  Orc Domination Dmitriy Gavrilov 128x128 medium
  Order against Chaos Nozhnin Dmitry 192x192 horror
  Pandoras Box Simon Dekker 128x128 medium
  Quest of Glory Daniel Sjödin 64x64 easy
  Quest of Holy Armor Stéphane Migneault 192x192 horror
  Quest of Holy Armor v3.0 Stéphane Migneault 192x192 horror
  Quest of the Atlas Armor Daniel Sjodin 192x192 horror
  Quest of the Hydra MadCaster 192x192 horror
  Quest of Ugrok's Dagger Daniel Sjodin 128x128 horror
  Quest To The Isles Of Hell Greg Lange 192x192 horror
  Raptors Valley Dmitry Nozhnin 128x128 easy
  Rara avis quest A.Adamov 64x64 horror
  Red Hat A.Adamov 64x64 easy
  Red Hot A.Adamov 64x64 easy
  Return of Formication quest Daniel Sjodin 64x64 hard
  Return Of Urza: Mystery Of The S Da Mangler 128x128 horror
  Ringside of Fair Winds Lady Nilson 64x64 horror
  River Quest Simon Dekker 64x64 horror
  Rivers Nival Entertainment 128x128 easy
  Rodion Quest A.Adamov 64x64 horror
  Rodion Quest-II A.Adamov 64x64 horror
  Rogue Encampment Simon Dekker 64x64 easy
aliwar2.gif Sands of Ali 2 (Holy War) Kasyena Bardow 128x128 hard
  Sareth Simon Dekker 128x128 horror
  Saving the King Madcaster 240x240 horror
  Scorched Earth slo*Dragons Funwerks 64x64 easy
  Shallow Andrey Makhovikov 128x128 medium
  Shannara Insane 64x64 horror
  Sholotl A.Adamov 240x240 medium
  Single player kids paradise Dominus 64x64 hard
  Sitting Ducks slo*Dragons Funwerks 64x64 easy
  Skill Attraction(fixed) Goliath 128x128 horror
  Starfish of Fair Winds Lady Nilson 128x128 horror
  SUNLIGHT Celina 192x192 easy
  TeleQuest ? 64x64 horror
  Terra Mortis Alexander Vinnikov 240x240 hard
  Terror on Formication quest Daniel Sjodin 64x64 horror
  The Battlefield Goliath 64x64 hard
  The Dark Citadel Nozhnin Dmitry 128x128 horror
  The Final Battle Da Mangler 128x128 horror
  The Labyrinth Daniel Sjodin 128x128 horror
  The Mount Sermon of Fair Winds Lady Nilson 128x128 horror
  The Pits Boromir 128x128 medium
  The Tomb Goliath 64x64 hard
  Tier Nozhnin Dmitry 128x128 hard
  Tower of Death quest Dmitry Nozhnin 64x64 horror
  Tower of Death quest-II Dmitry Nozhnin 64x64 horror
  Training Map 1 Ten-Chi 32x32 easy
  TrainingMap Ten-Chi 32x32 horror
  Troll Throttle No.1 Easy Pathfinder Inc. 32x32 easy
  Troll Throttle No.2 Medium Pathfinder Inc. 32x32 medium
  Troll Valley 2 Alexander Vinnikov 192x192 medium
  Uzra Simon Dekker 64x64 easy
  Uzra--ET Edition ET/MAGICO 64x64 medium
  Uzra..... Simon Dekker 64x64 easy
  Warrior Oasis Slo*Dragons Funwerks 64x64 hard
  Waterfall DeedWar's Webpages 128x128 medium
  World of Ali Eliminator & Nhomis 240x240 horror
  WTTS: Desert Andrey Makhovikov 240x240 easy
  WTTS: Enigma Andrey Makhovikov 240x240 medium
  WTTS: Ordeal Andrey Makhovikov 240x240 hard
  WTTS: Ruined Andrey Makhovikov 240x240 horror
  Wyverns Shopping Spree Wanker Enterprizes 64x64 easy
  Wyverns Shopping Spree{Hard} Wanker Enterprizes 64x64 hard
  Wyverns Shopping Spree{Medium} Wanker Enterprizes 64x64 medium
  XP Madness Dark Age 64x64 horror

Total amount of maps: 150
Maps uploaded within the last 30 days:

Other Maps

Offical Single Player Mission Maps Extracted from Rage of Mages 2:
 Maps 01 - 46

Single Player Converted To Work on Multiplayer: Temporarily offline.
 Many Part's Per Million, Horror, By DeedWar's Webpages
 The Basin, Horror, By DeedWar's Webpages
 Were the Dead Can't Sleep, Horror, By DeedWar's Webpages
 City of the Damned, Medium, By DeedWar's Webpages
 MageGhost, Horror, By DeedWar's Webpages
 Magicianess, Medium, By DeedWar's Webpages
 The World is a very big place, Hard, By DeedWar's Webpages
 Bug, Hard, By DeedWar's Webpages
 Orakul, Hard, By DeedWar's Webpages
 Waterfall, Medium, By DeedWar's Webpages


File: Author: Description:

Official utilities:
Multiplayer Pack Nival Interactive All files you need to play on a hat.
Multiplayer Map Editor Nival Interactive You can find the editor on Your ROM2 CD or download it here.
Hat Server Software Nival Interactive Setup your own Server with this software.

Unofficial utilities:
*TRAINER PLUS 6* Razor 1911 Block Attacks, Block Magic Attacks, Unlimited Mana, Unlimited Money, Max Sight, Skip level. (Not tested)

Andrey Makhovikov's Tools:
Amet Andrey Makhovikov Map Editing Tools v1.0 (light edition).
The most powerful RoM2 Map Editor companion for map designers.
Map Level Increaser
Andrey Makhovikov Changes level of all monsters on a map. Does not affect human units and NPCs.
Use this tool to increase or decrease a maps difficulty.
Single Player Map Extractor Andrey Makhovikov Unzip it to Your directory and run. This tool extracts all single player maps to a separate directory.
You can view the maps using the map editor. Useful to learn about scripts.
This tool should work for both ROM and ROM2.
Char Converter Andrey Makhovikov This is a small utility to alter character files. For example, a character from server can be converted to local game or a warrior can become a mage with the same items and skills.
Sometimes it also helps to recover damaged files.
Music Extractor Andrey Makhovikov Use it to extract the music from ROM and ROM2. There is a 16 and a 32 Bit version.
Sounds Effect Extractor Andrey Makhovikov Use it to extract the sound effects from ROM and ROM2. There is a 16 and a 32 Bit version.
The Sourcecodes Andrey Makhovikov All the source codes of Andrey Makhovikov's tools.

Patches and fixes:
Anti GM Hack Patch NOVA Patches the rom2server.exe file to disable the GM Hack exploit in multiplayer.
Defend Crash Patch Ex-Lend Patches the rom2server.exe file to eliminate the defend-server crash exploit often used to duplicate items.
Horror - Easy Patch Albadaran aka Simon Dekker Patches the rom2server.exe file to allow characters to travel from harder difficulty maps to easier ones. Optional patch to help customize the players experience.
Stat Hack Patch Ex-Lend Patch to fix the rom2server.exe exploit that allows players to start with max stats. Players attempting to hack their characters will recieve all 25's (Lower than starting stats).
Screen Scroll Speed Patch NOVA Patches rom2.exe to create a loop delay on all screen scrolls to slow the rate of screen movement. An essential for those who want to play on modern PCs.
ROM2 NAT Fix NOGA Fixes the HAT to allow players to connect from behind a router. Essential for those wanting to host their own HAT from behind a router.