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Topic: What a module should be.

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Author: Lord Atton (cosmclord [at] yahoo [dot] com)
Date: 21-Oct-09, 10:43:45

After my recent experiences on Nhomis's Server has given rise to think about what a module should be. I have played on Jults Rom3 Server and Nova's Modified Nordock and of course the Rhun Server. I think I have a good measure of what a NWN module should be.

Obviously MMORPG need a balance. To easy make the game boring. Too hard makes the game players frustrated and angry. Aside for the skills involved and the armor and other equipment NWN is a roleplay that is very sensitive to armor and equipment.

The besster your armor or robes are the better your chr will do. The faster you can advance your chr. With most modules level 40 is the top level. When a module designed make the map too difficult or impossible to play and win something is wrong. A good hard fight is great. To easy a fight is boring. Balance is the key.

On the higher end at level 40 when you have the ability to add line of damage, spell resistance, higher Armor Class, magic, and more the game get exciting.

I feel strongly that an game designer should test throughly each part of the module he designs. Mearly making parts with mob so difficult to kill that no play has a chance to win is both bad design and poor philsophy of gamming.

Making a good or a great game is not easy. Considering various players level and ability is also difficult. Having different level of monsters in one area is good. Players of course usually start a module with a new chr and little gold. Takes time to build your chr up. This is part of the fun. Seeing your chr grow as you move to more difficult areas. When you have conqured all the areas and quests the only thing you can do is make another chr and start over. Rom2 was like this.

NeverWinter Nights is a great game and has a pretty good set of tools. It does take time to make a good module or map. Making areas too difficult so that no player can beat the mobs or even do damage is rather ridiclous to me. What is the point? Here again balance is the key. You take your strong level 40 and test all areas of the module. If you can beat the mobs with the settings on easy then your about right. Designers should not just assume that you and your buddies will play together. They can. Nordock was designed as a Group Play module. It is very hard to play is as a single. I know I have done it. I run that module on my GreenWorld Server.

I would like to see more NWN players from the Rom2 days here. It is more enjoyable to have a small group of three or 4 playing one module.

Talking and chatting together is a great way to socialize as you play. Still the module should not be so difficult a single player can't advance.

Just my thoughts on module design.

Lord Atton