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Topic: Rom 3 Firewall and Config

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Author: Jultknight (juliendavidmondouxlepage [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 23-Jan-10, 09:18:51
You must config Nwnt if you want to skip gamespy Authentification for playing without the CHECK CD KEY ONLINE.

I have updload 2 file compress on rar file and decompress are the picscreen on jpg.Begin to config the HOST file and After Config The Firewall.Only Work for now with LookNStop Firewall.

If you dont have Look N Stop Firewall you can download it for free here::


1= Config Host File


2= Firewall Setting


If he have some question or doesnt work saying your request.I have test it with the keygen and does work 100% but you can only view the Hamachi server.You cant view the Bioware Server with this config.