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Topic: Teleport help

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Author: Jultknight (jultknight [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 01-Apr-11, 09:22:20
when you learn magic skill , check on your book skill on your status character.Your teleport magic must are on your skill and click them after click where you want to teleport
Author: dshaw62197 (dshaw62197 [at] comcast [dot] net)
Date: 31-Mar-11, 07:48:08
Hi, I am currently playing RoM and am on the mission where you have to find the king's bracelet. I have picked up the teleport book from the friendly mage, and my mage has read it, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to use teleport. I click the mage and she doesn't go anywhere. I know there is an island I'm supposed to go to, but I can't get to it... please help, much appreciated!