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Topic: Question about a stat

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Author: Vamrem (vamrem [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 13-Jul-19, 00:09:23
In the magic section of the shop you will notice that some items has the "Turning Speed" magic enchantment.

In cheats code you can reproduce it by typing "#Chicken + enter" (to enable cheats in Rage of Mages 1), or "#Coward + enter (in ROM2), and then #create Uncommon Steel Chain Boots {rotationSpeed=10}" to summon a pair of test boots.

You can put the number you want, in the shop Ive found boots with +3 turning speed, but can't notice any difference, so Ive tried with higher numbers, and still not happening any change in stats, or in the movement.

For what is that stat?